An Exclusive Perv Doctor Cassie Del Isla Scene

Better Than Insurance

Cassie Del Isla and Lana Smalls

Better Than Insurance with Cassie Del Isla | Perv Doctor

Nurse Cassie welcomes Lana to the doctor’s office for a consultation. Lana wants a Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that needs a thorough check to be done properly. Doctor Jack comes in next to explain everything to her and to feel personally make sure her pelvis and butt are apt for surgery. Sadly, Cassie comes in again to tell the doctor that Lana’s insurance doesn’t cover the procedure. After a quick talk, the three come to an arrangement: the surgery will be done if they can agree on a monthly threesome. Lana gladly goes with it, tasting Cassie’s wet pussy while getting fucked by the doctor. Jack climaxes by cumming in Cassie’s mouth, a tasty load that she shares with Lana.

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